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At GHI & CPA we are constantly working on articles filled with useful information for everybody to get their finances in order.

Although some of these articles are available for free, we save the best and most detailed ones for subscribers and include bonus gifts for getting a subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time you wish.

Basic Package

You get the first month free of charge and then start paying a monthly fee of $5. This will make the articles about home finances available for you, but you also receive a CH&I CPA t-shirt and a hat after you pay your first fee.

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With this package, you get the same benefits provided by the basic one, but you also have access to our business management and administration articles. If you pay six months of the $10 fee in advance, you will also receive GH&I CPA pens and other office supplies after you make your payment.

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Including everything that the other packages have, but at a monthly fee of $20 because we include some more specialized content for businesses and novice investors. If you pay the full year, you will enter our annual raffle of tickets and passes for important international business conferences.

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If you want to subscribe, first you go to our Contact Us page to get our email. Send us an email with the subject subscription, as this will trigger an automated response with a link to our online form. There you will fill your payment details and select the package you want.