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Since GH&I CPA is a digital magazine, we have seen the advantage in putting together of an advertising team. This team is dedicated to handling the advertisement requests we get through the means posted on our Contact us page, making them effective for everybody involved.

Benefits of Advertising Here

Although we are a relatively new magazine, we already have a great number of people that frequently read our articles and have earned a good reputation in the process. When you decide to advertise here, you are exposing your publicity to all of these readers and under the trusted name of our magazine.

Since we have such a varied scope of people following us, the target your advertisement will reach isn’t limited by profession, location, or occupation.

Additionally, we adjust our prices to the nature of the customer that requires this service, making it more affordable for small businesses or freelance workers.

How to Advertise Here

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of advertising with us, the next thing you need to know is that we have many different types of advertisements that our team can handle.

The smaller packages include mentions of your business, brand, services, or products in our articles, whether as examples or in the form of small reviews when it is relevant. This option is particularly useful for businesses and particulars working as accountants or financial advisors.

Our team can also design banners to be posted in the spaces destined to these ends, as they are publicists and graphic designers. Another option is to create a full promotional video that will be posted on our homepage or any other pages where it can fit well.

We have a special advertising option for freelance workers in the financing and accounting industries, as it consists of posting links to tutorials you have written. Our publicity team will talk about it with you and figure out which articles your link fits in.

If you want to work with a professional team to get your product or business out there, you need only send us an email to the address posted on our Contact Us page. Let us know what kind of advertisement you are interested in and a little summary of what it is you want to advertise on GH&I CPA.

From there on, our publicity team will work with you, establish prices, and determine where the type of advertisement you choose will fit.