About Us

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GH&I GPA is a digital magazine dedicated to sharing relevant information and useful tips regarding the field of accounting and financial advisors. It was founded back in 2018 by nursing assistant Roman P. Floyd and has been increasingly earning new readers and loyal followers.

Our Target

Our readers come from all walks of life, as we do not discriminate between business, individuals, low earnings, or high earnings. Since the language we use is English and it is spoken all over the world, we aim at reaching people everywhere that are interested in the areas we discuss.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to help our readers with their financial struggles and new projects, as we know this is a challenging task without the right tools and tips. After reading our articles, we want our readers to feel inspired to get creative and disciplined with their finances.

We want every one of you to succeed in anything you set out to accomplish and our articles are written with this purpose. We are committed to presenting only reliable information and tips that have been tried and tested to be 100% effective, saving you time in recovering from terrible mistakes.

Although we already have thousands of readers all across the globe, we are eager to reach millions of lives and businesses to change them for the better. We encourage new investors, housewives, business owners, freelance workers, students, and teachers to follow our articles and put our tips to good use in their life.

We keep our articles fresh and updated with the latest advancements and time-proof advice that we follow ourselves, but we are eager to receive your feedback to learn from you too.